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Photo Booth Comparison Worksheet – Q & A

When compared side-by-side with any photo booth on the market, Snapden offers the best combination of value and wow-factor available. Below you will find important questions to ask any photo booth company when considering investing in photo booth equipment. We have also provided Snapden’s answers to this Photo Booth Comparison worksheet. Feel free to use these questions when comparing Snapden to other photo booths.

What type of camera is used in your booths? Is it a DSLR camera? Which model?

The standard camera in all of our booths is the Canon T5 DSLR Camera. Upgrades to the Canon T5i are available.

What type of flash is used in your booth? Is it a professional (hot shoe) strobe flash? Or is it an always-on light?

We use professional, hot shoe triggered studio flashes in our booths. The light output from our booths is powerful enough to light up any event, and still allow for desired camera settings.

Where are your booths built and assembled? Manufacturing facility or a House / Garage?

Snapden is housed in a 3,300 square foot manufacturing facility, which is split between a production machine shop, assembling facility, quality check room and office spaces. We encourage customers to come take at tour!

Do you offer phone tech support?

Yes – we offer phone tech support. Sometimes email works well, but many times there is nothing better than talking to a live person!

What happens if I have a problem while at an event at 8pm on Saturday night?

Although this is outside our “official” tech support hours, we are proud to say we’ve NEVER left a customer at an event hanging. We are here for our customers, and know that we are only as successful as they are.

What startup resources are offered? Operating documents, marketing images, sample price lists, etc.?

We offer a Drop Box filled with startup resources, including marketing images, sample price lists and service agreements, sample brochures and much more.

How long have you been in business?

Snapden LLC was established in December 2010.

What type of warranty do you offer? Can you send me this document in writing?

We offer a 1-Year Warranty on all custom manufactured parts. Commerical components (such as cameras, etc.) are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and typically are between 1 to 3 years (depending on the part). See the full details on our website at

What comes standard with your booths? What else is needed for a fully functional booth?

Aside from a printer and backdrop (sold separate) Snapden photo booths kiosks come equiped with everything needed to run an event. This includes camera, computer, flash, transportation system / case, etc.

What type of tech support do you offer?

We offer phone and email tech support, Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm MST, and Saturday from 9am to 1pm MST.