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Got Questions? We’ve got answers!

How long does the Firefly take to set up at an event?

Once you have your graphics designed, the Firefly is a snap to set up. Roll it into the event, plug it in, flip the switch and you’re almost there. A few minutes testing lighting and print quality and the Firefly can be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

Does the Firefly Social Media capabilities?

The Firefly comes pre-loaded with Dark Room, which allows for a number of social media functions including Email, Facebook (Client – sending photos to a single page) and Twitter (Client – sending photos to a single place).  In addition to this, Snapden sells Pic Pic Social, which is our recommended Social Media tablet application.

Can I put a printer inside the Firefly?

The Firefly is designed to work specifically with the DNP DS40 photo printer internally. The DS40 was selected for it’s durability, photo quality and quick printing time. Any photo printer can work externally and easily plug into the Firefly using the convenient junction box.

What type of software does the Firefly come with?

The Firefly comes pre-loaded with Dark Room Photo Booth. Dark Room (in our opinion) is the BEST and most easy to use photo booth software on the market. If you can use Windows and Word, you can use Dark Room. In addition to the ease of use, Dark Room has great technical support so you are guaranteed to have a great user experience.

How long do the Convertible and Fly Thru take to set up at events?

Both of our backdrops are built for ease of transport and setup. The frames are made of aluminum with quick connect (labeled) joints that snap together easily. From start to finish the Fly Thru can take as little as 10 minutes to set up while the Convertible can take as little as 15 minutes.

Does Snapden offer Financing?

Snapden works closely with Lease Station to offer our customers financing options with terms anywhere from 2-5 years.   Lease Station can be contacted by reaching Catherine Fitzgerald at 480-999-2774.  Or apply direct online via Snapden Fianancing.

Does Snapden offer Lay Away?

Yes we do Snapden offers Lay Away plans up to 6 months in duration. Contact Us for more information or to get set up on a plan.

What type of warranty comes with Snapden products?

Snapden, LLC warrants that its products shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from product receipt. Although Snapden does not warrant commercial products used by Snapden , most manufacturers of commercial products offer a minimum of 1-year warranty with some commercial products warranties extending up to 3-years.

What are the lead times of Snapden products?

Lead times depend on our inventory. Most times Firefly Photo Modules can be shipped within 3-weeks of final payment, although we have turned units around in a matter of days. Most times Convertible and Fly Thru photo backdrops are shipped within 4-weeks of final payment, although we have turned them around in a matter of 1-week. If you have an urgent demand, let us know and likely we can work to meet your needs.

What type of tech support does Snapden provide?

Snapden provides great tech support in a number of ways. First – Snapden has full operations manuals for all products as well as a wealth of technical troubleshooting documents. Email and phone support is available M-F for general troubleshooting. Software support is also available M-F.

Does Snapden offer additional business support?

When you buy with us we immediately invite you to the Snapden Family. The Snapden Family is a shared drop box (internet folder) with a wealth of resources to get you business up and running. Everything from custom mustache business card templates and equipment images for your website, to user manuals and tech tips. If you don’t find what you need, let us know and we’ll do our best to get it to you.

Can I use or select my own photo booth software?

Although the Firefly is recommended for use with Dark Room, we can sell it without any software loaded (and discount the cost), letting you choose exactly what you want. The Firefly has a standard Windows 7 operating system so most photo booth software is compatible.

What if I already own a camera I want to use in the Firefly?

Many of our customers are photographers or people who already own cameras.   The Firefly is designed for use with the Canon T and Ti family. If you want to use your existing camera, no problem, we’ll discount the cost and ship it without.

What printer do you recommend for the Firefly?

We recommend the DNP DS40, which you can purchase at Imaging Spectrum… tell them Snapden sent you!