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DNP DS40 Printer Cover White

$ 164.00

The DNP DS40 Printer Cover in white is a cover for the DNP DS40 photo printer. Designed to be a protective printer cover that also looks beautiful. Also available in colors.


The DNP DS40 Printer Cover is a great way to protect your DNP DS40 printer while adding a beautiful touch to your overall equipment presentation. The DNP DS40 is one of the best and most reliable photo printers on the market – so why not add a DS40 Printer Cover and protect your hard working investment. Made of durable, formed acrylic – the DNP DS40 White printer cover is the classic printer cover for every event. The printer covers simply sit on top of the printer while in use, adding a beautiful protective layer between the printer and your guests. Air vents have been designed into the sides and the back of the DNP DS40 printer cover to assure no overheating and optimal printer performance. This well built printer cover is available through Snapden Photo Booths in a number of colors and while the DNP DS40 is the first model, more printer cover models will follow.


DNP DS40 Printer Cover Details:

  • Dimensions: 15.5in x 13.75in x 7.7in – allowing approximately 1inch of room between printer cover and printer for optimal printer air circulation to prevent overheating
  • Weight: 3 lbs (printer cover only – no printer)
  • Setup Time: Simply place over the top of the printer, plug in and use as usual – less than 1 minute


 DNP DS40 Printer Cover Technical Specifications:

  • Material: White, formed acrylic
  • Vents: Overlay existing printer vents 100% in order to never over heat
  • Access Holes: 1 x access hole at back for power and usb plug, 1 x access hole for power switch at front, 1 x access hole on front of unit for standard DNP DS40 Print Tray


Included with Standard Purchase:

  • White DNP DS40 Printer Cover
  • Foam for shipping purposes


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 13 in

White, Red, Black


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